Game Complaints - Terrible Service

GAME CANAL WALK ,Where do I start, this has been a terrible experience, I have worked in retail and with customers for 14 Years, I have never experience something like this. First It went ok and then nothing but downhill from there. I didn’t have a invoice and they gave me a manual one, wish I praised them as much as they should be.

My phone Hauwei P20 LiteLCD started to malfunction to the point where I couldn’t see anything on the screen.
I took it in as in my mind this would fall under warrantee, to my disbelief they said no it was physical damage as there was a tiny crack on the opposite side of the screen which I did not even see and the phone had never dropped, with many emails and no response whatsoever, not even a contact number for head office as I requested, I accepted the fact that I would have to pay R1785 to have this brand new phone fixed.

After some thought and a phone call to Huawei itself, I decided I would like the phone back and get a second opinion. I tried to call the store ALL day with no answer, when I eventually get hold of them no one knows what I, talking about, I get transferred 5 times to 5 different people and get told “ where is the phone ma’am” after I have just explained the entire saga. I hang up.

I call the very next day, same drama to get through to someone that cam help me. A lady answers and also doesn’t know what I’m talking about she puts me on hold for 6 minutes and I listen to her entire conversation. When she comes back to the phone, I ask why I was on hold for so long, she says she was busy with a customer, should she not tell me this instead of just leaving me on hold, I am a customer too that was helped first. Of cause she couldn’t help me either.

Call back the next day , this time I get put through to service department, to my surprise they also didn’t know anything, I was on hold for 9 Minutes , eventually the lady comes back to the phone to say I will be called back at 1, I am still waiting for that phone call.

The next day I go into the store to collect phone and the phone is not there, after a phone call I get some positive news, I can come on Saturday to collect in the afternoon. I go through to the store on Saturday to collect phone and the phone IS NOT THERE. I ask to speak to the manager on duty; he says he will have the phone couriered to my work Monday morning.
I had a miss call from game when I was in a meeting the next day and I call back, to my surprise no one knows what I’m talking about. I ask to speak to manager they put me through to LESLEY, first of all this is the same person that didn’t reply to any of my mails, I mailed every single experience. She gets abrupt with me on the phone and tries to make as this is my fault, I tell her it’s not about the phone anymore, it’s about the service I received over and over, She seemed not interested at all, this is a Manager of a HUGE company, she didn’t even apologize for the service I got.
Monday comes and I get a phone call, I must come FETCH the phone, after I was promised it would be dropped at my work.
Never the less, I WILL NEVER shop at GAME again, I will never recommend it or have something good to say about it, this was a terrible experience.

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