Finrite Insurance & Telkom Complaints - Terrible Service

Hello, My name is Ziphozethu Buyana, I lost my cellphone in December the 14th. I sent the required documents on the 15th December 2019 and called Finrite to confirm if they have received the documents and they said they need a bill statement for insurance showing that the insurance has been paid, I went to Telkom to request the specific bill and ref no. When I got to Telkom an agent told me that the insurance is active and it has been active from the month I bought the device. An agent from Telkom opened a case as to find out why the insurance wasn't debited from my account as they were suppose to, they never sent me Case No. or feedback regarding that. I had to go to the store again to find out, then I was told that I didn't pay my account but I have a debit order in place. I then communicated with Telkom agent and she gave me incorrect banking details to go pay, I went back to the store and the manager told me that he don't know where did the agent got the banking details but the money is gona be debited from my account month end... from January they have been debiting the amount for the device and insurance and only on the 16th August 2020 FINRITE sent me the banking details to go pay the access fee, I tried to pay via EFT and those banking details were incorrect, I went to standard bank to do the direct deposit and they were still incorrect : Finrite Administrators PTY LTD Standard Bank Acc 282920862 branch code 001206 Claim No.: TC027957. I have been trying to call them and they never answer even today I called them they don't answer. Bad service from both companies Telkom and Finrite.

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