8 ta Complaints - Terrible Service

Firstly, I was sent a message saying that my bill had not been paid and I would be blackilisted. I called in to the callcentre to find that it was a mistake! Really now!

Secondly, the phone I have on contract is faulty. We took it in to a branch who sent us to Nokia(30 mins away). The phone was returned supposedly repaired but with the same fault. I contacted 8ta's callcentre yet again. The agent and his manager were to arrange for collection. Two weeks ago and no collection!

I called the call centre yet again. Spoke to a very rude lady who put me on hold and promptly cut the call. Called back yet again and spoke to a rather unpleasant manager who said the initial booking had not been done. The phone has finally been booked in now and will only be collected on monday (hopefully).

I registered a complaint with the complaints department and their response was that the phone has been booked. Well YES...after I spent an hour on the phone and two weeks too late!!!

8ta has yet to apologise for their gross neglicience, incompetence and extreme rudeness. and unluckily for me Im stuck in a two year contract.

Spare yourself. Dont use 8ta!!!

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