Harcourts Bellville Western cape Complaints - Terrible service, buying a house

We bought a house through, Jonathan Jacobs of Harcourt. He delayed the sale, first when he claimed that he did not know we ad a cash buyer for our property and made all parties wait for proof of payment, He promised to speed up things after that. The owner of the house, after we signed the sales agreement and he accepted the offer from our side, placed tenants in the house, with the full knowledge of the agent. The house was empty when offer were made. The agent cancelled our bond with the bank, stating that we already had another bond. We had to then reapply for the bond. The manager of Harcourts then took over form Jonathan, as we did not want to deal with him any more. She admit that he should be held responsible for our occupational rent, as he cause considerable delay in the transaction. Bond was approved the first time in October,2016 already. We were ask to sign an addendum to say that we would take occupation on 2 January 2017 and pay occupational rent before this happened. When I asked to receive this all in writing, I was told that only the principal, can decide on this and he was send all information. The principal never acknowledge any of the letter in which he was included.I tried to phone him and left voice messages but he never responded. Before Christmas we asked to be able to come to the house and measure for curtains. The manager who was suppose to handle our transaction from then on, ask two other agents to contact us and organize for us to go to the house. These agents never contacted us, but Jonathan Jacobs who we did not want to deal with came back to us and said the owner said he could not find the tenants number but we are welcome to go any time, they are always there. We travel back and forth to the house, but never found any one there, we noticed newspapers stuck in the window. At last the agent gave me the owners number and I phoned him, he was very rude and said he was still trying to get the tenants number off his old phone but he did not want to deal with me but I should go through the agent. We manage to get hold of the tenant 3 days after Christmas, she was back from her holiday. She hear two days after Christmas, from the agent that she has to be out of the house by the 2nd. The owner never gave her notice, but she had to pay a deposit and phoned him and told him the agent told her that she has to be out by the 2nd. He said he thought he did tell her. She asked her deposit back and he said he would give it but have not done so up till date, and is not answering his phone when she phones. We have no idea how for our deal has gone, no is informing us. To make sure everything is fine we paid the occupational rent to the lawyers. We still have not heard fro the principal. When we came to the house to measure for curtains we noticed that there is no curtain railings, and told the agent so, he did not comment. We bought curtain railings and when we moved in yesterday, had someone install them for us. We noticed though that our contract says that curtain-railings are included, so we have asked for a refund. The owner claims that he told me that he will put blinds in front of the windows, this is not true as the only time I spoke to him was before I went to measure for curtains and I was not even aware of the fact that there was no railings at that time. The tenant was given one week to find a new property and to pack and move. Yesterday we noticed that the toilet was not flushing properly, by this morning it was overflowing and water was all over the floor. We went to the agency and told them about the toilet and the curtain railing that we had to replace. We were put on the phone to the principal, he acknowledge that he knows all about the bad service we had and the delay caused by his agent, he was non committal though and said plumbers will be send out. Plumbers arrived at about 4:30 this afternoon, after we have been without a toilet all day. Jonathan contact us before they came and said the first plumbers were not answering their phone and he is now getting a new plumber to do the job,he also said that this man will take care of the electric fault as well. We were not aware of any electric fault, but a copy of the plumbing certificate and electric certificate was already send to us via email. The man fixed the electric fault, and told us that there were a lot of curtain railings in the roof. He could not fix the plumbing, it is a big work that has to be done, to prevent this from happening again. The plumbers left at nearly 10pm, they will have to contact the owner tomorrow to get permission to redo the pipes from the toilet completely to prevent the pipes from getting blocked again. We are therefore still without a toilet. The plumber said he could not believe that any one could okay plumbing in such a condition. We found that even though we kept the geyser turned off to save electricity, we still had very hot water 24 hours later, something must be wrong there as well. We do not know how the agent could produce these certificates but also know that there are faults that needs to be corrected.
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