Fochini Complaints - Tfg bad service

Good day

Yesterday i purchased a jacket from Fochini as i walked out of the store the alarm panels went off, however i showed the lady my slip and what i purchased she checked for those little plastic magnetic things and couldn't find one.

Today i wearing the jacket i purchased and i felt somethings funny in the sleeve of the jacket and in the seem of the jacket it feels like those plastic magnetic things but it is inside the jacket, however in order to get those plastic things out i have to make two holes in the jacket.

Im very upset about about this as this was the last jacket in my size,this is very unprofessional and embarrassing. I felt so embarrassed when those alarm panels went off at the door. I tried calling the store to speak to the manager but the phone was just ringing and no one answered the call,i called the tfg customer service number they advised me to speak to the manager of the store as they only Deal with accounts. I am so disgusted by Fochini i don't think i would ever purchase anything there again and i will be closing my tfg account as soon as i pay the amount owing.

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