Outsurance Complaints - The car left unfinished

My car was involved in an accident and I lodged a claim and I was told to take my car to my nearest Panel beater in Umtata. The car was left unfinished,they never touched the tailgate and the lights. The panel beaters where I was referred to by outsurance in Umtata have a very poor service,outsurance will end up losing client around that side if they are not taking this seriously. After I received the car I called Remano and told that the car was half done,he said he's gonna lodge another claim,he called me back and told that people from the same panel beaters will contact me. That was in August and now we are approaching the end of September and they never contacted me. I tried to contact them several times but they ignored my calls. I sent an email back to Remano telling him that i was being ignored,he never responded to my email up until today and my car is still in bad condition. I would never recommend any friend or family to take outsurance because of the service that I got. My car was not properly fixed anyone can tell that it was once involved in an accident because it still has some scratches even the mirror on the left is still bad but people from panel beaters got paid for such nonsense they did to my car.

I would advice outsurance to have an assessor around Mthatha check the all the cars before and after they have fixed them, they are being paid for nothing.

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