Makro Complaints - The terrible service continues from Makro.

I ordered a ladder MAK2001263 from makro on the 5th of feb 2019.

On friday the 8th I called in to change the delivery address and the recipients details.
I had to call twice, first I spoke to a lady and she assured me the changes is made.
I went online to get no changes still the original delivery address. I called again this time speaking to a man. He checked and no the changes was not made he will do it for me.

Today wednesday the 13th of feb, checked online no the old delivery address is still the same. Call in a lady assists, she asked me to check my online profile while I am on the phone with her and no the delivery address is still not changed.

She calls her supervisor, to my surprise its the guy who assist me on friday the 8th, he tells me that makro don't deliver to the new address I want to change.

Why did I have to wait 6 days??? Aren't they supposed to know where makro delivers and where not.

I told them ok then they need to refund me, because there is no one at the first address. Please refund me.

He told me he is putting in the refund, I can check my online profile in 10min time then it will show order cancelled as the refund is in process.

Guess what I just check its now 13:37 no refund, no order cancelled.

After i posted this on the 13th of Feb, Makro responded the person was Otsiele Boikanyo.

" Good day Cheryl

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

I would like to apologize for the service you've experienced at our call center and this is certainly not what we want happening at all to any of our customers.

I will contact you shortly regarding your complaint.

Otsiele Boikanyo "

AND YET AGAIN, I WAS NOT CONTACTED. I am still waiting its now the 14th of Feb 2019.

I cant say i am surprised, bad service and empty promises is what you get from Makro.

I want my refund.

I also posted on facebook, also still waiting for Makro. I can’t believe a business this big gives this bad service.

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