Oakhurst Insurance Company Complaints - The worst insurance company

Thank you for trying to manage the situation however I do not see how you will resolve the issue at this stage. The situation has spiraled out of hand and is beyond remedial. I feel very aggrieved and I plan to take this head on, I don't even care how much money I spend on legal fees and I will do everything necessary to expose this issue as I am sure that as a director of a company I am not the only client who is having this issue. People must know what they are getting themselves into when they take insurance from Oakhurst. Its all nice terms when you take out the insurance but when you submit a claim you get treated like some kind of criminal who has committed an atrocious act of crime by when money was being debited from your business account every month. All you get at the end is inhumane treatment and rejected claim. This is disgusting and I don't wish it on anybody who is running a business hence I am prepared to deal with it head on and let everyone know that Oakhurst cannot be trusted.

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