First National Bank Complaints - Theft of funds

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Being January month most of the people are clenching onto their last bits of cash. I received a phone call from FNB loans yesterday to confirm that my CPP has lapsed in October and that i was in arrears with my account. I made a payment arrangement with the consultant and it was scheduled for the end of the month. To my utter shock and disgust i received an sms notification stating that R447 of my hard earned money had been MANUALLY transferred INTERNALLY without my CONSENT.Now bear in my mind my child has just started school and this was my RENT money that they have taken without my consent out of a SAVINGS POCKET which is meant for EMERGENCY cases. I have lodged a complaint and have received NO response as yet. This must be the worst banking experience i have ever had since i left ABSA. I am most definitely closing all my FNB accounts as of tomorrow because i now have to take time off from work to correct a deliberate act from FNB side. Disgusting.

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Asandad ( on 10/03/17 )

Attitude : Agree Send Mail

just because you have a loan with them, they do as they please in your account and they think they have a right to do so. I missed one payment and the next month they deducted 3 times the monthly payment, then my debit orders went unpaid then I had charges, the only thing they gave was an apology without reversing the charges they accrued.

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