UNISA Complaints - They dont care about Student only thing they care about is their money

Dear Sir/Madam
my student number is: 35376538
Name: TP Kubheka

Plese Note this happen yesterday

i am not happy with the kind of treatment we get at unisa in Newcatle, beacause they just make their own rules whenever they like to do so, they have close the computer lab and we need to do our studies, is not the first time they done this and is affecting our studies, it should be understand that it is our problem if as student if unisa has shot of stuff, funny they took the person who suppose to work at computer lab to assist them doing registration and our lab is close and i am doing computer science my studies are left behind, clearly unisa does not care about us and our careers, the only thing they care about money from us that is why they rather close the library for doing registration, pity those poor student they are registering now they do not know that once the registration is finalize and they have pay the fees unisa will close the lab for them and they will fail just like me, i want to summit my assignment the lab is close and i have use money to come in town and they dont care about us, i think unisa should start taking education seriously we are realy tired of this incompetance pleas help us to adress this issue at newcatle your employees should realy understand the importance of education more the as special to the university of the country , what massage they are sending to the world, i have the best lectures for my course but the are some people at unisa who sabortash my studies and i do not like it, they should not denied us the opotunity study to further their interest, it is not acceptable, people they should not just make their own rule, if we can report this to the media it should send the bad picture of unisa not only in the coutry but in the world, then who like to study in such a university, and one of your employee was proud to say " unisa was not suppose to be open today we are doing you a fever to open administration" can somebody say day on the official working day, this is how lazy are your employees.

it is not the first time they just decide to close the lab, i mean anyting stop but you should not stop ro deny student a opportunity to study because you want to register other student whil you can'nt support the current student you have, and think the chief should come here in Newcastle and see how incompetent the workers of Newcastle are, ishouldnt spend my valuable time of study writting this massege but because i think it is important to lay this compain for and other student you are affected and will be affected by this bad system of studing that Necastle staff are practizing, they treat us like fools as if we donot know our right to education, well if those staff of Newcastle have aright to close our lab as they fill to do so i think their right should not vialoate ure right to quality education because that is stilling from student not only stilling their money but also stilling career and better life, i mean unisa should know this better, that is, the education is important in this country and it shud be put as higher priority and must go on all the time, in good time badtimes, i keep on wodering who manage this place beacause it clear that he/she does not know his/her job, he does not know what is doing and he/she does not know how is important to do what he/she does not know, shortly unisa should start firing people who does not know what they are doing and hiring people who do know what they are doing because they will know how is important to what their doing, wow impressed with this people who can't think. please help us,Please!Please i'm begging you please!

can you please help me Professor i am trying to complete my degree but the university just close the door where i am suppose study and i do not know where to go from here.

hope you will help us at Newcastle, make your employee understand their duties, thank you Prof.

TP Kubheka

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