Cell C Complaints - They havent resolved the issue as yet

Mid January, I received the call from Cell C the consultant I spoke to was Sindane Molebatsi he told me about the specials and promotions they had that day since I was due for an early upgrade with them, I told him to call me the following day and he did as agreed, So I upgraded with a Wi-Fi Route which the deal was 18 gig for R149 a month but because I was not finished with the current contract the agreement was I will continue using the 2 gig for the current contract then when I am done, they can start sending me 18 gig will also commerce with deducting the R149,end of February they deducted more what we agreed on, only to find out that they put me on a wrong package, so I had cancelled the contract with them and the router was returned, what makes to be furious and angry is that they keep on saying they are resolving my Query but on the other side they keep on deducting every month like they are scammers or loan sharks on my account and I have come to a decision that I want to leave their service provider because their are service is very poor they don't make the customer first priority I felt like Molebatsi Sindane was just up to reach the target sales in his side that is why he gave me false information, last week Thursday on the 09/05/2019 I send him a mail asking about the feedback and he did not respond and today on the 14/05/2019 I called their service provide but couldn't get hold of him, the other consultant I spoke to said he will send mail to him to call me but that is not happening, I am not happy with Cellc customer service and don't want to have any contract with them, I am taking my number to other provides,its been 5 months now still my Queery is not resolved

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