Old Khaki Menlyn Complaints - They sold my jean that i laybye

Dear sir/Madam

I am so dissapointed with the service that i get in your Shop I laybye blue trousser I have been paying to ny suprise to get a message on the 10/ 06 /18 from Menlyn reminding me about my laybye that is gonna expired on 11/06/2018. Indeed on the 11/06/18 i went to Menlyn when i knocked off to go and paid and collect they spent a lot of hour looking for it but could not find it at lasst the lady told me that someone sold it so they prefered to give me back my money so she gave me but i am so stressed the reasonI laybye that the reason i like that trouser jean even bought matching top and shoes with the hope thst I am going to wear in a certain occaision thst I was going to attend Your service is very bad I am very dissapointment About your service especially Menlyn store is that real you dont put laybe in a place that no one can sell it The lady who promised to call me she did'nt yet called me I wated my transport to go Menmlyn to come empty handed Worse part of it the lady who called me on the 10/06/18 I was shocked she did 'nt check my laybye before she check before she called me I waisted my time to rush there my transport to go for sold thing

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