Whom it may concern

I visited with my family to your Fern Creek Spur Ferndale on Republic on 28 July 2019 to have a family dinner after a church concert with the intent to continue enjoying our family time together. Unfortunately, the sub-standard food quality in your restaurant dampened our spirits.
The dinner started in a very disappointing way when the salad that my fiancé ordered was not satisfactory and we were disrespected by a store manager that referred to herself as the store general manager by the name of Mpumi Nkosi with no name tag. Attached is the photo of the person in question.
She carried on shouting and making a big fuss in front of my family members and wanted to attack my fiancé in the restaurant in front of other customers, stating that because we are regulars at the restaurant we think we know better and also mentioned she does not care about customers and their needs. “What happened to Treating Customers Fairly” (TCF).
What’s worse is that she also threatened to fight and kill my fiancé. This kind of behaviour by your staff is unacceptable and cannot be tolerated by any customer. Spur Steak Ranches has always been a family restaurant and our favourite family happy place which has now been turn into a nightmare.
Just to add even when we asked her to leave our table and take the salad to rectify, she continued with her un-rudely behaviour and calling unto her colleagues to say they must stop her before she attacks my fiancé.
We were told by your employee not to ever set foot in the restaurant because we questioned the sub-standard food and for being customers and standing up for our rights.
We are currently considering to open an assault case against your employee for the threats she has made and for her to follow us to the parking lot throwing tantrums/outburst at my family placed us at a very compromising position not know what to do next or what to expect.
Please note that if we do not receive a response in a day’s time, we will be opening up a case as mentioned above and do intent on escalating the matter to the franchise Ombud’s.
Kindly check your surveillance cameras as the incident took place inside and outside the restaurant.
Lastly, we can confirm we are regulars to this particular Spur and would like to give a compliment to a waiter by the name of (Sbo), for exceeding our expectations with the best customer service, as we are there at least two times a week


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