Netstar Complaints - TRACKER CONTRACT

I would like to log a complaint for Netstar regarding the contract that i had with them, i have been phoning this company to track the vehicle that i use to drive and they couldnt track it eventually i was told that the tracker is faulty they need to come and fix it, they never showed up and i phoned again to make a follow up but they never came that was the begining of the year. In April i sold the vehicle and i told them to cancel the contract because i dont have a car anymore i was told the contract has been cancelled. Netstar continue debiting my account i phone again to find out what was happening i was told the error was getting rectified, I was given transferd to the person by the Name Nomsa on their legal department off which she was so RUDE to me, sh didnt wanna assist instead she belittled me in every possible way and she drop the phone on my ear, i phoned again and she told me im owing Netstar i asked how can i owe Netstar where as i have cancelled the contract and i told them that i have sold the car and why i wasnt told that i am owing when the cancellation letter was issued, i didnt get any response but this Nomsa continues to be rude to me. I am not willing to pay this amount and Netstar must stop debiting my account and i want Nomsa to apologise to me in writting for being rude when i phoned. i have sent several emails to Netstar but nobody has ever come back to me instead they keep on debiting my account and send me statements that im owing them. i do not have a car so i cant pay for something that i dont have and off which i did tell them. attached is the confirmation of the cancellation

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