Labour Department SA Complaints - UIF PAYMENT

My name is Noluthando Tyala ID no:8601031032086, i have applied for my UIF on the 17th sept 2018 and i was told to come back on the 17th october 2018 and before that date i received an sms from labour department stating that my UIF claim was rejected with no imformation as to why was it rejected, the sms only said i can submit a Notice of appeal or a shall call to enquire as to why. Indeed i called and i discovered that they need UI19 from FNB then i went back on the 09 october to submit the UI19 from FNB and the returning date was not changed and still requested to come back on the 17th october2018 and i went still my UIF was not in order as i was told its waiting for an approval so i should come back on the 31 october 2018 again i went with the hope that finally i will get my money as i need to pay my rent and pay other bills and guess what to my suprise another issue arised, in this case i was told my previouse company captured a wrong salary to the labour department system and i did not know if a company can claim UIF on their ex employees behalf and i was told to go back to my previous employer to get my UI19 again and i was so furious as i submitted everything they requested in my knowledge, and yes i called my ex employer for another UI19 and which they gladly send it and i forwaded it to the labour department employee which he printed it out and said to me he sent it to the processing department for an urgent approval and last time was the same promise but nothing happened. My point is you guys you do not know what i am going through not being able to pay for a place to stay and being kicked out because you did not fullfil the arrangement you made with the landlord and on the other hand i will lose the funeral policies i had for yes because its been two months not paying them and being blacklisted because you haven't paid the bills for 2 month and you still looking for the job and most jobs they do not take someone who is blacklisted. i hope this email will get into a person who have a heart and who understand our situation, cause some other people get into deppresion just by reading other peoples email its total frustrating and disappointing to our labour department. I hope to get great news before the end of the week so that i can pay my rent. My email address is [email protected] and the branch i went to in Johannesburg is in Braamfontein.

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