Telkom Complaints - Unable to cancel my Telkom contract

I have been trying to cancel my Telkom Wireless contract now since January 2018 as it expired at the beginning of February 2018. I got a notification saying that the expiry date is in Feb and if I want to cancel the contract I needed to send a cancellation request +/- 20 days in advance. I sent the cancellation notification on 9 January 2018 but got no notification of recite or processing but took it as received. When I got my next statement I noticed that I was being billed for another month (Fed - March) for this. I contacted the call center to query this and was told the cancellation was never processed and that I forward send the original cancellation email to them which I did on 13 Feb and yet again I got no feedback or confirmation that it's being looked at. When I got my statement for the following month I was billed yet again for another month for this. I sent a follow up mail the agent I forwarded it to in Feb but no response. I contacted someone on the Chat line (8March) as after siting on hold for 2 hours with the call center I was still not put thorough to a agent to try and follow up with. And yet again was told to forward the original email I sent to cancel which I did, with a promise that they will send me feedback of what is happening. but yet again have not hear anything back form them at all. I tried again and was able to get thought to the call center (13 March) and eventual spoke to yet another call center agent that was not able to assist me, and was asked AGAIN to forward the original email with a promise to give me feedback with in 24 hour. Surprise, surprise......NO FEEDBACK AGAIN.Every month I check my statement and see that it's still not cancelled, after which I follow up and get a promise that it will be done. It is now June and I received my next statement and yet again I'm still being billed another month for this again.

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