Telkom / Mobi Complaints - unauthorised debit order

Good day,
I had a contract. cancelled it within the first 7 days as required. Mobi was collected by Telkom 2 days later.
It has been 2 years now. still every month various amounts are deducted from my account. from R79, R99, R178, R357 etc. Each time I need to place a stoporder/debitorder reversal, costing me R85 each time.

I phoned Mobi several months ago, and still this fraud is continuing !!!! every month with no stop in sight.

Please people, never concede to a debitorder. do a stop order if you have to, but never a debit order. They will squash the life out of you.
Why these people and company directors get away with this white-collar fraud, and why they are not behind bars is beyond me.

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