Nedbank Ltd Complaints - Unauthorised deduction from my new current account

I took a loan with Nedbank 4 years ago and paid it but did not finish paying it due to financial problems. I had a current bank account with nedbank which was later closed due to numerous non stop of unauthorised deductions from the account. I have a bond with nedbank since 2012 and paying R9000 per month for via stop order. I saw from my home loan that there was funds available as I need money for my child school activity and requested to transfer it to a new account opened last week Wednesday. There are lawyers from Jhb who are collecting the outstanding loan I took from Nedbank which was not settled and surprisingly yesterday receiving a sms informing me that " Dear Miss Manjezi. NRR confirms an Inter-account transfer done on 30/05/2016 from you current account for R1,915 towards your PLL Legal Account. Call 0800002118. Ref. PLL117800". There was no authority given to the bank on this and strongly feel despite owing balance to them, there should be agreement between two parties to agree on the amount to be deducted from my account prior doing so without my permission. I request that this unauthorised deduction be reversed and for Nedbank to have a frank discussion with to agree on an affordable amount top pay toward payment of this outstanding loan.

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