discovery health Complaints - unfair blacklisting

I resigned at a company in may, working 4 weeks notice I was suppose to remain on the medical aid at discovery till end of April 2019. discovery terminated my membership on the 1 ste of April wile still on the companies books after many calls they reinstate me on the 10 April only. end of April they took a full premium from my pay. were during April my medical aid was completely useless they didn't pay for any medicine nor doters visit. according to them my savings was finished. discovery contacted me telling I still owe them 1800 wen I ask how that was possible and the fact that for 10 days I was not on the medical aid they failed to tell me and said they will get back to me, that never happened I found a letter in the post to notify me I'm blacklisted due to no payment to discovery.
how can they blacklist me without as promised return to me with answers. I have send discovery mails called them no help.
in my opinion they are the worst medical aid ever.

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