Williams hunt Roodepoort Complaints - Unfair sale

Mr William Smith sold ASX to my brother on 25/07/2019 and on the 29/07/2019 the car was licking, antifreeze that we bought was drained out in 1day and when my brother took the car back they threatened him and forcing him to take the car back and is a 2014 model with 150,000.00 km and has to pay R4000 a month for the car. They even said he must pay R19,000.00 for cost of fixing the car before he bought it and that if he does not take it WILLIAMS HUNT LEGAL TEAM will contact him because he signed for the deal. We as a family we are unhappy and really this is the service we get from our dealerships.

in 2015 I was treated like a Queen at Williams hunt the glen, I bought my 2 cars from them hence my brother went to William hunt Roodepoort. we lodged a complain with the finance bank and they took our case. We want then to cancel the deal we don't want the ASX anymore.
Thank you Williams Hunt for your bad service

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