On AIR TV Complaints - Unfulfilled service/unfair treatment

I took a contract with one of your sales persons about a year ago. Although units were delivered to my house the promised installer never came. I followed up on several occasions, and was promised it would be resolved but no one came to install. I continued to pay the bill hoping that at some point an installer would be sent. I eventually notified your consultant that I would instead take a different deal if an installer was not sent as promised. The unit was never used and is still in its box. In another discussion when I explained to your consultant that I had taken another deal because of this issue they promised me a courier would be sent to collect. Up to this point I am waiting for collection as no one has come or contacted me. I would like to resolve this issue and would appreciate if you can contact me. Thank you.

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Vernon ( on 23/01/19 )

Attitude : Agree Send Mail

I have submitted my own report today. In essence, OnAir TV appears to exist solely for sales commission and once obtained, all else can go to pot. Sad that there are some really good people who work there, because this total insensitivity to customer satisfaction is going to ruin this company. Does the management support the cavalier attitude of the frontline staff? I'm also waiting for On Air TV to collect their decoder - still in its unopened box - and to wash my hands of this sorry outfit...

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