shoprite checkers scottburgh Complaints - unhealthy food

I went to shoprite yesterday afernoon and my wife wanted to buy lemmingtons only to see a a flie gren fly and full fruit fliers on the cakes ... i requested to see the manager and requested that all the cakes and biscuits be removed from that display init ,,,, however a few moments later i went and saw that they had not removed all the biscuits and cakes from that unit and i asked the guy to give my a cake fro the same unit that the flies were and he gave it to me and i requested to speak to the manager again and they wanted to blame that particular employee.... i totally dissapointed that the interest of the client was not adhered to and that the cakes were not completely removed as I requested because it was not healthy for any human being to eat ... what with the faith of shoprite been had the video been sent to the media of more that 20 fruit flies on display unit and if someone had fallen ill or ...

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