UNISA Complaints - UNISA Transcript Incorrect- no results from UNISA Ombudsman

To whom it may concern
I have written several times and have proof of the correspondence I have sent to UNISA including the Ombudsman, but I have not received a resolution as to why incorrect SUPP results show on my academic transcript on the my UNISA site.

I have never written as SUPP at UNISA-yet these exams that were deferred are showing up as SUPPS on my transcript. This is not a true reflection of my academic performance at the institution and it puts me in a negative light when applying for articles which is already in itself a very competitive market.I have explained to the university that articles for 2016 at certain firms have already opened and that I need to apply ASAP. I order to do this, I need my academic transcript.
This complaint was lodged in February 2013 and I still after writing several times to the university and to the Ombudsman with the latest email dated 18 December have received no response. We are in the New Year 2014 and I have still received no response. I will graduate (as I am finishing off 3 third year subjects this semester and then starting fourth year) and my transcript will still be incorrect.

I have written on the following dates to UNISA and the instutition has still not attended to my request. I am desperate now and do not know where to turn. If writing to UNISA's Ombudsman is of no use too, then what is the next step, the media?

I was in contact with Mosebudi Sekgwaela, Thokozile Matjila (Adminisration Officer) , Riekert Liebenberg (Manager; Quality Assurance, Licensee- and International Registrations) ( Gavin Isaacs was copied into one of my emails in September) and Ms Dikeledi Hlabangane from the Office of the Ombudsman at UNISA and I have had no resolution to my problem.

The dates I wrote to UNISA is below, sometimes more than once a day responding to their staff in order to sort my problem out:

• Feb 2013
• 14 May 2013
• 13 June 2013
• 15 July 2013
• 7 August 2013
• 3 September 2013
• 11 September 2013- 2 emails
• 17 September- 2 emails
• 7 October 2013
• 26 November 2013
• 18 December 2013

I have written every month in the second half of the year of 2013 to resolve this issue with no success. I am appalled by UNISA’s lack of service delivery to its students, as I myself work for a tertiary education institution in the Western Cape and we take pride in providing a great service to our students.

You cannot call UNISA, there is no helpdesk, no personal touch or consideration for their students, but we must pay our fees on time or else we will not be registered into classes.

I am at my wits ends. Your assistance in this regard would be appreciated.

Student number: 42631130
Kristin Holmes

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