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I've been getting debit orders of 199.99 twice a month sometimes on my bank account and this amount is appearing as Gym fee , I don't have any gym contract with any company and none of my debit orders are running on this account they on different account and I've been reversing this transactions but however this continues as now they debit me 3 times I followed up with the bank they gave me company name INTERCOM and The contact Number 0129338383 I cant get hold of the company to stop this debit order and to under why they debiting this money from my account .

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StevenMaier ( on 21/11/17 )

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Dear Cli

Intecon is a registered payments processor who facilitates payment instruction in the National Payments System. We are aware of the company you are referring to which is a legitimate business. I will be emailing you to resolve this matter and assure you that any refund due to the error will be credited back to you ASAP. We apologise for the inconvenience. PS: The number you tried to call is incorrect hence you not being able to get hold of us.

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