Discovery Insure vehicle Complaints - Unpaid claim and poor service

I am a member of Discovery insure for vehicles and I had lodged an insurance claim with them for my camera and chain. This claim was lodge last year in April. The first consultant failed to handle the claim and eventually was not available to assist. Every time I phoned the lady was out and I got an automatic reply. Eventually after numerous messages,I received a letter stating that I had failed to supply quotes for my claim. I got three quotes and submitted them. I did not receive any feedback. I phoned Discovery again and each time that I phoned I got a different consultant and each consultant requested more quotes. So far I have worked with four different consultants and none of them have sorted out my claim or phoned me to check on what is going on. I dont live in the city so it's difficult to always get quotes. To date Discovery insure has failed to payout my claim. It seems that they do not have stable staff and claims get lost. The consultants just give instructions and give email addresses and do not give feedback or progress reports but Discovery Insure does not fail to debit your account on time every month. I am busy and I cannot do the consultants work especially when they get paid to do that. I think Discovery Insure is not interested in their customers. They fail to pay claims on time and do not respect the fact that items that are insured are insured so that we can replace it as soon as possible. I am totally disgusted at the poor service and lack of service delivery.

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