Daniel klein Complaints - Unsatisfactory Service

I had purchased a Daniel Klein watch from American Swiss in Pietermaritzburg on the 3 of June 2017 as a birthday gift for my husband. Since his birthday he has only worn the watch twice. I was cleaning my cupboard 2 weeks ago and noticed that the inner dial markers were all out on the watch as per attached image. I was really upset. I called the shop and they suggested that i bring the watch back to them and they will send it back to Daniel Klein but there will be a fixing charge involved. When i queried, i was told that this is the standard procedure and it will take 6 weeks to get back to us. I contacted Daniel klein and they gave me the same response. This watch is only 4 months old and very expensive and to be told that it would need to be repaired and that i am responsible for the cost is totally unacceptable. The watch comes with a 2 year warranty but they can't help me. Please can you help me get some answers regarding the poor back up service regarding there watch which i believe to be a defect on there side as we did not drop the watch as they stated.

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