City to City bus services Complaints - Untidy & late bus

On 15 December 2017 I boarded a City to City bus from Durban to Cape town, departing at 17h45, having bought a ticket to Mount Frere. Firstly the bus did not arrive in time 4 check in, it only arrived at 17h45 with a long que for check in, it ended up departing at 18h10. The late departure impacted so much on the arrival time which was supposed to be 22h00 but ended up being
Secondly when I entered the bus I was welcomed but a VERY stuffy smell which smelt like sweat and dirtiness.
As if that was not enough, there were cockroaches all over the floors and seats, which resulted in passenger having to be on the 5th world war trying to kill them instead of sleeping. The bus screamed DIRTY , which then make me wonder what were the reasons of its lateness if it was not taken for a wash.
Im very disappointed by such high level of dirt. I am bringing this to your attention so that you dont end up losing more customer because I personally have decided that as for me and my family this is the very last time in using the services of CITY TO CITY.

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