MTN Complaints - Upgrade Cancellation not processed as requested

Good day

Please assist me with the complaint.

I was contacted by Anushree Pillay from Mobile Plus (connected to MTN) for an upgrade on my MTN contract on 25/01/2018 (Thursday) for R599 p/m. On Friday the 26/01/2018 I called Mobile plus back on the number provided and spoke to Denver Small and he assured me that the upgrade will be cancelled. I tried to called Mobile plus again the Saturday to confirm the cancellation and I was unable to get old of them the whole morning.

I went to MTN by Mutual-Park in Pinelands (Cape Town) and I informed that the upgrade has not been cancelled and I need to call mobile plus.

On Wednesday 31/01/2018 I received a call from the MTN courier company with a delivery. I informed them as well that it has been cancelled.

On the 05/02/2018 I once again went to MTN with no luck because the upgrade request was still not cancelled. They informed that they received the email from me regarding the cancellation and mobile plus need to cancel and change the expiry date.

On Tuesday 06/02/2018 I called Mobile plus again (spoke to Adrian Naidoo) and I was informed that the upgrade was cancelled and they have nothing active on their system.

I spoke to the supervisor as well and was told that they are unable to change the expiry date because they are a third party.

This went on for the next 2 weeks. At this point I am frustrated because neither MTN nor Mobile Plus is able to assist.

On Sunday 18/02/2018 I called 808 from my cell and selected option 4. It was confirmed that I can only do an upgrade on 25/09/2019 which mean that the upgrade has not been cancelled.

On Monday 19/02/2018 (spoke to Zahirah Rahamed) I called mobile plus again and they informed that they will escalate the request and that I would receive confirmation within 3 working days.

I called on Thursday since I didn’t received confirmation and spoke to Denver Small. He informed me that the escalation was done and gave me different time standards (5 working days) for confirmation.

It is a week later and I still have not received any confirmation. I called 808 from my cell and selected option 4 again and still my upgrade date is 25/09/2019.

The service from both MTN and Mobile Plus is pathetic and neither one are able to assist.
MTN is sending me to Mobile Plus and Mobile Plus is sending me to MTN.

This is so frustrated and on top of all this I get and sms indicating that MTN will charge me the upgrade amount of R599.

I need this upgrade cancelled ASAP.

My frustrated have reached a point of cancelling my entire contract.

Complainant: Mrs NE Titus
Cell: 0739597251

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