MTN Complaints - Utter Disrespect To A 73 Year Old Woman

My mom has been dealing with MTN for 8 years. She went in to MTN last week on the 1st of June to do a swim swop. The black guy that served her was suppose to have done the swop but he didn't. She returned on Saturday the 8th of June to get the sim swop done again. The same guy was rude and informed her she gave him the incorrect details. My mom gave him her ID. He told her she did not ask for a sim swap but a pay as you go. Funny thing is she only has contracts with MTN. He was so rude and refused to apologise. Today she went back to speak to the manager the same black service rep was arrogant and refused to give her the managers name while he was shouting at her, her phone made a noise so she took it out her pocket he practically jumped over the counter trying to grab her phone from her hands, My mom has severe rheumatism in her hands so he hurt her. I am writing as I live with my mom and see how she suffers with pain. He insisted on harassing her for her phone trying yo pin and her hands down. This MTN is in Musgrave the managers name who was not there in the shop name is a Mr or MRS, Avica Lalljee. My mom has come home with swollen hands anyone that suffers with this decease will know the excruciating pain. One of the indian staff tried to assist my mom but this rude arrogant rep refused to back off. This man gets paid to offer customer service not customer violence if MTN does not act with the employee I will take it further. Both he and the other service rep refused to give their name. Has no one in this generation have respect for the elderly? With the born frees come disrespect, arrogance, violence disgraceful service. Her hands by tomorrow will be worse than the pics ive sent you.

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