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My vehicle was written off by Santam , my insurer. My AVAF loan was settled on 29 March by Santam. Apparently through communications between FNB and ABSA the settlement amount was received by ABSA a day late on 4April and not 3 April as was required. I had no control over this, but ABSA also did not inform me about this. I made peace with it that my account was settled, my damaged car was already handed to the insurer and I bought another car on loan with new commitments. Suddenly on 23 April I got notice that another payment of my "settled" account was taken by AVAF (my account nr. is 85400091). The amount was
R 4 562. Then I realized that something was wrong and started calling AVAF (0860669669). The automatic answering system did not help me, everytime telling me that my account number could not be recognized. Later I learned to hold on longer till an agent could speak to me. Then nobody could help me. They just told me the same thing everytime I tried again: Your account is at the legal department and that the settlement was paid a day late. They could do nothing for me. I got a number from the lady working with insurance,(Anthea) and explained my story. She said ABSA would pay back my instalment of R 4 562 within 24 hours and that the account would be closed. None of this happened and from the next day she was not reachable. Please dial this number and see what I had to listen to for the past week since 24 April 2018. The number is 011 846 9951. I am endlessly frustrated, because I have to pay for my new commitments and I am running out of cash today. I tried my best to solve the problem, but got no help whatsoever from ABSA. I even visited my local branch, where Lebogang Masenya tried to help me at ABSA Lephalale Mall. She ran into the same "wall" than I did. I called all my minutes on my phone contract out without success. If I do not get response from ABSA today, I will take the next step with my complaint and ABSA is responsible for taking R4 562 from my account which caused me to fall into financial trouble.
Please come back to me today: Call me at 0832760115 or e-mail me at [email protected]

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