foschini N1 city mall Complaints - very bad service,broken promise

I dropped my phone at the store on the 9th of January 2018 as it needed a software upgrade as the phone did not want to go on. I was told that it would take 2 to 3 weeks to fix. After 1 week I phoned to ask how far it is but to my avail I could not get hold of the only cell phone consultant in the shop as she was on 4 breaks for the day. I only got her on the phone the following day ,Friday , where she told me they told her 2 days ago they can't fix my phone and they will replace it with a new one.she never phoned to relay this message to me at all. I then waited as she told me it can take up to a month as mtn will have to wait on their supplier to get one. As this phone was bought on my mothers account she and myself tried to check on the progress of the phone constantly and many times the consultant ,Sharney , was hardly available or when we do get her she says she will phone back but never do. A month later we got the call that the phone has arrived and went to fetch it. As Sharney put the box on the counter I asked if this is the sealed box as promised and she said yes she had to open it to check the phone. I noticed only the evening that there was scratches on the phone so clearly its not a brand new phone as promised. This consultant also had the audacity to tell me straight to my face she don't like me , as she knew I shout at her that she never return our calls. No etiquette / customer service. The phone still has a battery problem and ddnt want to unlock . We phoned her and she said it must be sent away again. I already waited a month and now I will probably wait another month and I think its ridiculous . This is the crappest service I received from a shop.

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