NMG Complaints - Very Despondent client

Many emails and telephone calls were made to this company. As I stated to their complaints or queries department. A client will not be rude or perform if we do the relevant do what we should without the empty promises. My sister got divorced in July 17 and after 60 days the money was supposed to be paid out. I have also said to them that its not their problem that my sister needs to sleep in the street with her kids because of their delay, but the unfair part is that they keep on changing the payout dates because they can and nobody has control over that.

A client will not complain if however the service provider keeps them updated on the progress of their claim in this instance we have to call them everyday and are told every week the payout will happen. Please advise why the consultant and her colleagues and manager is so unprofessional. You update clients and if need be do not provide the client with dates or times but also do not delay the process because you can you do not know what the client/customer has to go through daily.

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