Orlando Clinic in Orlando East Soweto Complaints - Very insensitive staff member

I went to Orlando Clinic on the 03 november 2011,I had a blocked nose and ulcer when I decided to myself checked.After 3 hours of standing and waiting I queues,we were finally assigned to Room 12,where this eldely nurse was supposed to attend us,she was rude from the beginning with everyone,forgeting that she is supposed to be offering a service to the public,these people forget that just because we go to goverment clinics,it doesn't mean that we are poor,inhuman or don't know our rights,Its unfortunate I forgot the name but this woman was terribly rude saying that people are dodging work to get sick notes at the clinic,going as far as telling me to go for an HIV test,I was so humiliated I wanted to walk out of that room,I can't belive a servant of the Government could be so inconsiderate,I would like something to be done about nurses at local clinics.Teenagers would rather fall pregnant than going to the clinics for contraceptives because of the service they will get,is this what our Black Goverment fought for.Please I forgot the name of the sister but I know she can be traced as she was servicing in room 12 between 10:00 and 11:00 as I left at 11:00,please I ask for this woman to be taught how to deal with people the sad part is that she is an elderly woman who is supposed to have values and principles.

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