VHI Complaints - VHi and Elsabe labuschagne SCAMMERS

These Scammers told me at a presentation that if need to cancel the membership with

them then I will lose R 400.00 cancelation fee- when I want to cancel they telling me I

need to pay R 6000.00 cancellation fee.

They done a debit order from my account on the 05/04/2018 but the membership is

only to be activated on the 25/04/2018. This debit order is not supposed to go off.

I paid a R 5 600.00 deposit which they said will be refunded to me when I cancel

within 3 months’ time. But now they telling me to pay another R 6000.00

I want my deposit fee of R 5 600 and my debit order refunded to me of R 812.00

these people are scammers innocent hard working people in our country. I will go to

cart blanche- I will send another letter to NCC if I don’t hear anything or nothing is

done. I will go to the newspapers and every social media platform until I get my

money. The lady who works there (Elsabe Labuschagne) is puppet to help them steal

money. I want my R 6400.00 from these scammers!!!!

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