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We have just upgraded all our contracts, effective 1 September 2019.
Contract #1 Smart top up M+ this is 1GB + 1GB for 6 months - data ran out 16 Sept.
Contract #2 My gig 20, which is 20GB daytime data & 20GB night owl data. According to the app I have only used 5.5GB, so pray tell me where all my data went.... finished on 19 Sept.
Contract #3 is 20GB day, 20GB night - this still has 15GB left.
I logged a complaint on Friday @ 14.52, suddenly today without contact we were awarded 2GB, 5GB & 2GB valid till midnight 24/09.... mmmmmm I wonder if there is a problem. AND no one contacted us at all, but the ticket has been cleared. I do not have the time & patience to hold on for an operator for endless time.

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