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I’ve been a loyal customer of Vodacom for the past 7 years (0798167603) and now that I’m trying to downgrade my account I am unable to do so. When I walk into the Vodacom store in Wynberg it feels to me like the staff is mocking me and just assisting me so that they can get rid of me but nothing gets done to resolve my problem. All the consultants is aware of my problem and I was even told that it’s out of their hands because they are Chatz and not Vodacom. I am the customer and when I walk into Vodacom, Wynberg branch all I see is Vodacom, so how can she even tell me something like that. On Wednesday I was in store again and the consultant told me to have a seat, I waited for about 10 min for him while he was clicking away on his pc (which felt to me like he was playing solitaire while I sit and wait for assistance) only to ask me for my contract number after he was done. What was he doing for the first 10 minutes I was sitting and waiting. I go into the Vodacom Shop in Wynberg every 2 day but still no resolution for my query. I was promised a Jenny lady from the call centre, apparently the team leader would call me with feedback but to date nothing.
Jenny called me last week Saturday to tell me my recording can’t be found. I requested that recording because I clearly remember my conversation with the call centre agent, where I asked to be downgraded to a 1 gig data package and he assured me it’s being done at a price of R39. Now my recorded is nowhere to be found – what is the staff at Vodacom trying to cover or hide?
On the one day I was sitting in store the consultant told me my account was accessed 19 times for that day yet no one can assist me. She printed me a document that is 3 pages long with reference numbers on it, yet nothing is being done to assist me. How is this humanly possible?
I called the call centre in January to do a downgrade of my account from a 2 gig data package to a 1 gig data package and was told that it’s been done. I found out 3 months later when I used the modem for the first time after the downgrade was done that this was never done. When I went to Vodacom, Wynberg the consultant there told me I have a flexi 55 package, which is R55 airtime. This is not what I asked for. What I can’t understand is how can I be on a R55 airtime package if when I try and use the modem I get an error message that says “out of balance” yet I’ve never used the airtime. When I checked on the 2nd May 2018 if the new airtime was loaded for the month of May, I received the same error message: “out of balance” – again I ask how is this possible.
I would like to be refunded for the 5 months of airtime I never received, together with the money that was debited from my account and I would like to be downgraded to a 1 gig package of R39 as promised by the call centre agent.
I feel very unhappy with the way the staff at the Wynberg Branch thinks it’s okay to disrespect me in the manner that they are and I feel that management should take it up with them and provide me with some feedback in this regard.

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