Private indiivual Complaints - Vodacom Cellphone Query re change of ownership

I approached Vodacom at CellCity WalmerPark Port Elizabeth about changing my husbands cellphone into my name as he had Dementia & in a Home I have full Powers of Attorney and the lady there by the name of Cindy took copies of all 8 pages, she said they would put the phone into my name - this is going on a year now after all my phone calls, visits to her, still nothing has been done.I am paying cash every month on the phone as I closed my husbands bank account. I was away in Durban for 3 weeks, I phoned Cindy twice from there to query why I was overcharged on the phone and when is the phone going to be in my name she still has not come back to me? Also had problems with my Wifi in my name and was overcharged a year ago which I cancelled the debit order and sorted out the account with the bank by returning the debit which was twice wrongly overcharged.. she still said Vodacom owes me plenty data & that I wouldn't have to pay anymore premiums or instalments on my husbands cellphone, the contract will be over next year in March I think. I am sick and tired of all stories that they are working on it, what rubbish!!

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hellopetercomplaints ( on 21/05/18 )

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Still no answers from Vodacom, they give me a bad name but it was their fault from the beginning by overcharging me twice, they owe me plenty data and money. I will not take our another new contract whenever the cellphone and Wifi router are over the 2 years contracts.

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