Private Complaints - Vodacom e-maail

hi, I have 2 issues regarding vodacom SA service suppor.

1. it seems that Vodacom renoved me from their e-mail server as i cannot send or receive e-mails. i did go through all settings with microsoft and I was requested to contact vodacom. his complaint was escalated by vodacom as the 082135 support eam cannot assis me and it was refrred toheir backoofice.
refrence 1-34 329994437962 was sent via SmS to my phone.

2.the same suppor eam requested me if i configured he poring of my old elkom SA phone number to vodacom (vOiP) which i informed the oerator it is no my work as i cannot access telkom voice swiches.

Due o many requests of vodacom service requests on SR190427-393292 I was informed again that I will need to wait another 8 workin
It seems that all my requests are being ignored which is no acceptable from such a huge Crporate organization. There seems to be a lack of knowledge.

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