VODACOM Complaints - VODACOM fraud with contract cancellation process

I cancelled a contract with Vodacom towards the end of January 2017 for the contract to be cancelled by the end of February 2017. The call took 45 minutes to conclude which left me utterly frustrated as I had the perception that it was a tactic to ensure customers give up and don't cancel contracts in time. I commented about this to my husband. I had several cell phone contracts e.g. for my husband and kids at the time with VODACOM and the statement amount deducted from my banking account differs monthly - furthermore I receive my invoices by email and have to call them to send it on a monthly basis - and then just look at my own as I receive an allowance at work for which I need the invoice. I therefore did not notice that I was still paying this account!
During November 2017 I received a call from VODACOM informing me that I could have upgraded the line that I cancelled for the end of Feb 2017 a long time ago and they were trying to entice me to do so. I informed them that it was cancelled and they assured me that it was indeed active - I said we have not used it AT ALL from the 1st of March 2017 and said I need to be refunded for the monthly contributions. VODACOM checked and confirmed that the line was not used AT ALL AND undertook to obtain approval for the refund but never called me back - I called again and again and again and was eventually informed that they "cannot trace the cancellation call" and therefore will not refund me.
I have asked for the query to be escalated and have literally spent HOURS on the phone - received numerous undertakings that supervisors (Magedeleen, Andries or Edward) would call me back - once had the privilege to talk to Andries who apologized profusely and undertook to call back but needless to say he never did. I was often told they tried to call me but there was no answer and yet no message was left on my phone!!!
Today was the last time I tried calling the cancellations call centre. The call lasted 42 minutes because I was on hold most of the time while the front desk agent was investigating with "back office".
I tried to reason that I could submit an affi david or they should consider the fact that the line was not used ONCE since 1 March 2017 as proof that I am telling the truth. This leaves me feeling so frustrated as VODACOM has all the power and I have to just accept it - I had previously asked for the itemized invoices but they cannot provide me the one for my husband's phone which I think I called from at the time because he has migrated his number to Cell C.
I asked the cancellations call centre agent for an email address where I could state my case as it is impossible to get past the front desk assistants and I have made so so soooo many calls that I am at my wits end.... I was told to call the customer care line to obtain it... can you believe it?!?!?!
The agent was also quite sarcastic to me. I am just so upset and felt the need to name and shame VODACOM for the poor and dishonest service they are rendering to the LITTLE GUYS without voices or funding to take them to court!

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