I took a pay cut at work and was unable to pay a debt of more than R20,000 to Vodacom.
Vodacom handed me over to Burnard, Raaff & *** in August 2011. In September 2012 I had reduced the debt to just over R4000.

In November 2012 Vodacom removed my file from Burnard, Raaff & *** and handed it over to MBD Attorneys who further added more of their interest to the outstanding +- R4000 remaining balance. I had not skipped even a single month on my payments.

Now I must double-pay interest to 2 different debt collectors and there is nothing I can do. Otherwise, I'm told, I will be subpoena'd. Even though I had a single Vodacom account. In the end, I must pay interest to Vodacom, Burnard, Raaff & *** and now also MBD Attorney's.

Clearly Vodacom just wants us as consumers to sink deeper into dept and never come out.

I contacted both debt collectors and realised that both of them were unaware of this.
In the meantime, I'm receiving demand letters and messages from BOTH of them.

Very Nice Vodacom.

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