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Good Day,

I would like to report the issue I have had with Samsung Rewards , through Vodocom,
We were offered a deal with the new S9 cell phone through Vodocom, on the complition of the deal, we were informed the items that come with the phone will be sent to our address by Samasung, this was on the 13th of May, after 3 weeks nothing, we contacted Vodocom, they gave us details, we have failed to get a response from Samsung, bar the fact they handed the items to a courier compnay called Makhulus Logistics In Jhb, with contact to them they came up with diffrent stories, now we are sitting in the middle of July and still nothing, we complained and raged and the answer was the Logistics company was at fault, Makhulus contacted us yesterday, to tell us, that yes they have the parcel, but we staying in an area where they dont deliver to, this has taken them nearly 3 months to tell us this,SO here we sit with a phone we are paying for and the items that were on the deal with Vodocom S9 Promotion, which is on our contract, the deal is a lie and used to bait clients into false purchases.
In all this, Vodocom dont care as they have our money, Samsung are not worried and it would seem the Makhulus Logistics dont worry either that we are paying for this deal,
this is a breach of contract and all that is going to happen is "we are sorry...how can we help?

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