Team CIT Complaints - Waiting for registration papers of vehicle purcahed for more than 18 months now

I bought a XR 650R motorcycle from CIT and paid cash in January 2017It is now more than 18 month later I'm still waiting for the registration papers. Hence I was not able to take ownership formally, not am I able to ride the bike as its currently unlicensed. Nor am I able to sell it on, in fact it might even be a stolen motorbike for all I know. I phoned and visit them numerous times with no success. This is absolutely in same for a formal business who operates in retail environment that they can take money from customers and don't deliver on their side of the transaction. They in the mean time offered to reverse the transaction, but still it is still empty lies. I will recommended that no-one does any business with Team CIT as they can't be trusted and a bunch of liars.

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