Benna Bok Complaints - Waitng for refund

Benna Bok advertise products on sale, only when you order, you are informed that they do not have stock and there is a waiting period. I ordered and paid on the 28th of August and when I was informed of the waiting period, I then cancelled my order the very next day (I needed the travel bag for an overseas trip in September), only to be informed that they will now deduct 25% as a cancellation fee - they have not had any expenses as I cancelled immediately. They keep on referring to the T's and C's on their website! From the 28th of August I have dealt with 2 separate lawyers - appointed by Benna Bok I think, to scare clients and keep them from complaining - only to be informed by the lawyers after a week that they do not represent Benna bok anymore - does that not say something? I still did not get my money back and yet again they are not answering their phones or emails. About a month ago for 2 weeks, there was an Angelique that answered queries ect. - I take it she does not work there anymore. What am I to do?

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