Huawei Complaints - WARRANTY VOID - So called liquid damage!!!!

I took out a contract a year and half ago with Telkom SA and got a Huawei cell phone with the contract. When I got the phone the Ambassador for Huawei told me that for the two years I have I the phone I can get the screen fixed twice. FOR FREE!!!!
No problem. So I took the phone in, to get fixed for the 1st time for a cracked screen (liquid damage might have occurred from that - the screen), blurry camera and phone kept rebooting intermittently BUT my phone was still working when I took it in. To my dismay I get a quote for R4415.08 to get it fixed. WOW!!!! What happened to FOR FREE!!!! This phone is totally closed up and I can't even change the battery myself, so how is it possible that I could have gotten it "liquid damaged"? It is funny how a reputable company like Huawei can offer something for free and when it comes to getting it fixed FOR FREE there is always a catch. This has been my third contracted Huawei cell but this was the last because of this. I will never ever get another Huawei again. DO NOT MAKE PROMISES THAT YOU CAN NOT KEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!

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