SVG Autoworks Southfield Complaints - What a Joke!! SVG Autoworks Southfield

RMI Well lets start the story on a good note. More than a year ago we bought a Mini cooper s and we were very excited, this turned into disappointment very quickly as we discovered a few issues with the car. We called Robin from SVG to help and took the car to him. The first round of repairs we quoted at just over 10K without arguing we paid the bill, got the car back and the issues weren’t solved, our new car had gone from bad to worse. We took the car back to SVG were we were told we need to open the engine and replace the turbo, so more money that we didn’t argue about. The car has been there for over a year with cost upon cost needles to say we have spend more than R55K on the car, eventually after the experts being SVG couldn’t fix the issue and misdiagnosed, used the wrong people they decided to replace the engine and wanted to change us for that to we reached an agreement and that was changed. After we received the Mini back we had engine management issues and told to replace the High Pressure Fuel Pump, I wasn’t happy but a 2nd hand part was suggested at 5K, we got the car back after the pump was faulty, water coming from the bleed valve and issues with bad workmanship. Because of the Fuel pump not working the starter failed, took it back to be told another 3k for the starter and by the way we cant do anything about the fuel pump as it has a start-up guarantee, surely you should test that, everything that has happened to this car was our fault according to SVG. So our car is still there after Shaun called me today and said he wont fix the car!!

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