Renault SA Complaints - White collar crime, extortionist and corporate thugs

Dear Sir/ Madam

I come to you because I am trying to widen my pool of people that can learn from my experience whilst the process with the Ombudsman is underway.

I am pursuing this because I not know that this is something Renault SA does on a daily basis to its customers. I have been viewing daily complaints about Renault and all their products, and how they treat customers, from blaming them and never taking responsibility to just lain ignoring them.

Though I have posted on hello peter they have not responded and I have also posted on the Renault UK, US, France, India and on to the Complaints Board.

I have also submitted my forms to the Ombudsman which will also take its own time.

I am also pursuing a civil case against them as soon as Ombudsman concludes its process.

I am also compiling a petition against Renault and contacting each and every complainant with recent posts/complaints that date back to just yesterday, and its not just one complaint. I will leave no stone un-turned as they have been doing this for too long

I have a file of compelling evidence against Renault SA and many people willing to come forward or provide testimonies.

The final stage of my battle will be to approach all reputable media houses

I also refer you to the email I have been distributing on various platforms, please read below;

WARNING: Coprorate thuggery, extortionist and abusers!!! Do not buy renault!

23/01/2018 I purchased my 2018 Renault Kwid, and collected it on the 24/01/2018 brand new. The mileage recorded 50km and whenI questioned this tho the handover lady, she told me that the car had to travel from whichever depot and that a brand new car is never really zero though the recorded mileage on my papers have 0km recorded.

09/04/2018 at just over 2 months old at approximately 7:30 am on my way to work, I am forced to pull over as I see smoke coming from the bonnet. I stop call Road Assist and I miss an important meeting with the Registrar of Stellenbosch University where I work.

10/04/2018 I am called and told the car has been taken through a battery of tests, including computer diagnostics and road test, they found nothing wrong with the car. I protest in an inquiry of what could have caused the smoke whose fumes were still strongly there. They say they don't know but they found nothing wrong with the car.

09/05/2018 Car suffers the same fate, on my way back from work I see smoke coming out of the bonnet, the smell of charcoal is as strong as the last time. At that point the car was just under 4000km, 3900 and some odd, but Renault says it was just over 4000 when they received it, that is fine and besides the point.
NOTE: At this time my new baby has had to undergo major dissection and stripping in less than 4 months. I never got to enjoy this car.

10/05/2018 Car is towed away and I miss work from Thursday 10 May to Monday

14/05/2018 as I was stranded and my requests for a loaned vehicle fell on deaf ears. During this time an exchange of emails between myself and Western Cape personnel ensues, they are not pleasant at all. I am at this time sent a picture which removes all blame from their part for their continued negligence and instead they respond arrogantly to a point of saying I can explore other avenues if I am not satisfied with their outcome.

15/05/2018 I cannot miss work any longer so I force myself to take taxis to work. The emails continue all avenues for reconciling or mediating the process have been destroyed. They still have my car because I refuse to pay them an amount disclosed after I requested that they release my car in my care and I will arrange a tow from their premises. Had I been informed of these costs prior to their stripping of my car, I would gladly be held to account however, this major step and onus of diclosure was withheld from me, I should have been asked to consent or decline having it stripped based on x amount I would have to pay. On top of that, they told me that if I am to fetch my vehicle they would not put back the removed parts and that I would find my gear box and clutch kit in the boot. Who does that to a customer?

I feel robbed, held to ransom and coerced and violated by these extortionists who are always sweet and sleek when they want to clinch a deal and turn into luciphers when they need to account to an extent that I began asking myself would things have turned out any differently if I was a Van Wyk or a Du Toit maybe?

I asked these people if they are familiar with a concept of symbolic violence as this brutality has traces of its symbolism. What pays me is that I worked hard for that car for them to treat me like ****! I picked them over all other car dealers. I will now dedicate my life telling everyone about this experience and the abuse I suffered from Renault

Throughout all of this, I have not even received a single apology from Renault, and have also not enjoyed my purchase for its intended use as per the consumer's protective act and the guarantees act.

These corporate thugs have not just started a war with me, they also fueled the blazing inferno. I have chosen to use all avenues possible as they ****ily encouraged me to go ahead.

Because I want the Ombudsman process to unfold without any legal complexities involved, I will wait for them to finish this case and thereafter will proceed to stage two of a civil case against Renault Western Cape/SA. This process has drained me mentally, emotionally, psychologically and otherwise and as much as they have trivialized my suffering, only a court of law can reinstate my feelings of worth and overall well-being by granting me justice.

This is WHITE COLLAR CRIME and I am more convinced as I have begun reading similar experiences, same ones across South Africa that these people are used to getting away with this. Renault SA has tarnished your once reputable brand, and if you do your investigation you will begin to see why your customers are quick to walk away while Renault is ranging just above 1 on the hello-peter scoring/star status and on complaints board and they never respond to their customer complaints or address them.

Those that have played a part in my horrible experience are;

Richard Wiles_ Principal Dealer Western Cape Renault

Maryke De Villiers_ MultiFranchise Tygervalley

Innocentia Mogami_Customer Services Renault


Thembelihle Bongwana


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