Arnold van Niekerk Complaints - Why did the airbags not activate?

Morning All and Gordon Nathaniel

Still waiting for your feedback on this questions and need all answers writing please??

Will go to social media and Hello Peter for answers today!!!!

From: Arnold van Niekek
Sent: Monday, 14 October 2019 15:43
To: Gordon, Nathaniel (N.) ; Ordcrc, F (F.) ; Suleman, Sumaiya (S.)
Cc: "'[email protected]:'"; [email protected]; 'Arnold van Niekerk'
Subject: FW: Airbag Concern | Ford Ecosport | Mr. Arnold van Niekerk | MAJAXXMRKAFK03680 | Ref: 600079416

I need answers on the following questions:

• Can you confirm in writing that my vehicle is safe to drive?
• Who from the manufacturing side tested the airbags? And when did this testing take place?
• Who is going to cover the cost to test if the airbag is in working condition?
• Why did the airbags not activate?
- Why is Ford treating me as a client so badly?

I need all answers writing please

This accident was on the right hand side of the vehicle and not on the left-hand side as in your letter

NB: This case is not closed yet!!!!!!

Arnold van Niekerk
[email protected]

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