Telkom Complaints - Wifi connection

I took a wifi contract with Telkom more that 2 years ago which did not work as there was no connection where I stay.

I tried returning the wifi as it didn't have network where I stay but there was never response from the Cape Town number. and when I went to a Telkom shop at Ilanga mall they refused to take the wife as I was told to take it to my nearest Telkom store by a consultant I spoke to through phone.

So I had to pay for this account until the contract expired and now what I find out is that the contract is still on now they say its a month on month I have made request for cancellation of this contract more that 2 times already.

I got a call from the agent from Cape Town saying this account is due for upgrade and last week I had gone to Telkom Ilanga mall and requested that they cancel the wifi contract which I had been paying for without even using it.

I feel Telkom has to refund me as they can even see on their system that I had never used the wifi, I only used for a day when I took it to work and wanted it for home use and when I realized that the connection at home wasn't there at the time I stopped using it wanted to return it but I never got right channels from Telkom to take back the wifi at the time.

Now with the wifi contract I had taken there is connection for sure they had done upgrade on their network connection this is also proof that they old me at item that was useless to me at the time.

I want to be refunded the money I had been paying for the first wifi as they had no connection where I stayed, the place Villa Da Sutene Complex, 999 Heron Street Nelspruit. And also that this contract be canceled as I got a call from the agent in Cape Town saying I'm due for an upgrade and the contract cannot be cancelled fro which thet term of contract ended which now am billed on a month on month and had never even used. My id no 7207071443083, Phumeza Kalawe.

Your quick response will be highly appreciated.


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