woodmead Autotech Complaints - Woodmead Autotech worst Registerd RMI

last year November I took my car for repair at Woodmead Auto Tech the issue with the car was a Mechatronic ,Goolam took
the car and inspected the car and quoted me R 47,842,95 of which I submitted the quote to my Motor Plan 80% was paid
and I paid the difference via EFT on the 23 Jan 2018 he then advise that the water Pump is leaking and quoted me again R
17516,74 of which the claim approved 75% and I paid the difference via EFT ,on the 2-02-2018 he then advise that the car
still shows some errors and only Audi can assist with the software since it’s a copyright and available only at Audi the Plan
advise that they don't cover for software upgrades he then quoted me R 6612,00 of which I paid via eft ,then he took the car
to Audi ,between him and the Tech at Audi the paralyzed the software and the car was in a Safe Mode ,however from what I
have been informed later is Goolam and Audi tech decided to take the car to a 3rd Party without my consent and the 3rd
Party managed to fix the car and billing them R 28K ,and both Goolam and Audi Tech don’t want to pay and I’m sitting without
the car that I’m paying for but can’t drive since the 3rd Party doesn’t want to release the car before Payments it’s been 6
Months now since Woodmead had my car ,I’m I need of the car as this is affecting my life and my job I’m struggling to get from
point A -B and Goolam seems not to care and the car is now accumulating charges on Storage

Letter of Demand was send to Woodmead Auto Tech and was given 14Days to respond however he chooses not to respond or acknowledge

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