Distinctive Group (PTY) LTD Complaints - Worst construction company ever

I approached Peter Lloyd from Distinctive Group (PTY) LTD to build my family home after looking at many companies . Peter Lloyd promised me a good job and his price was within my means . After that it all was a problem . The plastering was terrible , and many of what was promised was not delivered 9 months after completion there is still many problems with the house which Distinctive Group (PTY) LTD refuses to fix ( I was told by Peter Lloyd that he will do nothing to fix the problems ) The building took longer than promised as well as once it was started further costs were added as they knew I had to pay or be left with a shell of a house . I was also made to pay the labor bill in cash R102,000 for which Distinctive Group (PTY) LTD refuses to supply me a tax invoice. What ever you do Distinctive Group (PTY) LTD is a company I would never recommend to anyone

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Jellybean ( on 22/10/18 )

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I had the same problem with Distinctive Group PTY as well with Peter lloyd. The work was shocking and his contractors were just as bad when i had finally had enough of his lies and confronted him he told me " You blacks want everything for free " and he refused to fix the problems telling me to get a lawyer . This is how he operates once he has our money he no longer cares . I also had to pay huge cash amounts with no invoice to show for it . Shocking company and man ruined my property

Aware ( on 17/11/18 )

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Thank you i was looking to appoint Distinctive Group to do work around our home after doing a Google search i found this information and will be appointing another more relaible company

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